Our Story

In 2008, LifeSong Church was founded by our pastors James and Shurece Byrd. We are a diverse church filled with a diverse culture and people. Every Sunday, LifeSong Church provides a powerful, dynamic, and life-changing experience.


Our Vision

That people can experience a deeper presence of God, filled with a deeper passion, and living in a deeper purpose.


Our Values

The Word of God  

We're all about the Word of God. We value what is given through the obedience and reading of the Word So that we may have life and life abundantly more. 

The Presence of God

We're all about the Presence of God. We value the life-changing encounters that happens through the presence of God.


We're all about prayer. We value prayer because it changes everything. 


We're all about discipling people. We value discipleship because we are called to equip and empower people for the Kingdom of God.


We're all about giving. We value giving because we believe we are contributors, not consumers.


We're all about living with big faith. We value faith because we expect something good to happen to us and through us.


We're all about worship. We value being expressive and genuine.