THE PROGRAM IS A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF ACADEMIC INSTRUCTION AND HANDS ON EXPERIENCE. This allows students to grow as leaders with practical ministry experience while also strengthening their spiritual foundation through biblical studies and teaching.

Our student experience allows you to serve alongside like-minded leaders and quickly apply academic learning in a practical and challenging student environment. As an LC student, you will work closely with our very own team of pastors and leaders in specific areas of ministry such as worship, media, youth/campus ministry, and community outreach. Our students don’t graduate with knowledge alone; they are equipped to effectively apply that knowledge in life, leadership, and ministry.

Earn College Credits

In partnership with Portland Bible College, LC offers accredited Bible Colleges Courses which can be applied towards associate or baccalaureate degrees. 


As a LifeSong College student, you will be prepared, matured, and equipped to succeed in the real world. You will have a strong foundation laid for whatever direction the Lord is calling you, whether through the internship program, or just taking classes. All of your time is strategically organized to maximize your education and experience.

  • LifeSong college classes

    Rigorous Academic Education with a Strong Biblical Core and Christian Perspective

    Academic time includes courses of Biblical doctrines, practical ministry, personal and financial discipline, and life issues.

    Educational Highlights:

    • Basic Doctrine
    • Old Testament
    • New Testament
    • Leadership
    • Personal Disciplines
    • Leading Small Groups
    • Public Speaking
  • Internship

    Hands-on Practicum Education and Ministry Experience

    We believe that one of the strongest ways to gain knowledge is by putting it into practice. Leadership U is an experience designed to accelerate growth at the highest level. 

    Internship Highlights:

    • Student Ministry
    • Administration
    • Worship
    • Children’s Ministry
    • Service Production
    • Sound Engineering
    • Community Outreach
    • Pastoral Leadership
      & more
  • Personal Coaching and Development

    As leaders, students are expected to be an example in their character and lifestyle, and to live above reproach in all areas. During the program, students receive personal mentorship for encouragement, accountability, and personal growth.

I’m not PLANNING to be in full-time ministry, Should I still apply tO Lifesong college?

Many graduates go on to college and pursue a variety of vocations. This program is for anyone seeking greater vision and practical wisdom for life